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The Mon District is rich in her culture and tradition. She has rich cultural heritage of ages past wooden effigy and statues dating back to Stone Age as well as medicinal periods are objects of awe and wonder, depicting the human craftsmanship and skill. The Konyaks are skilled in the art of making firearms. They are also skilled in handicrafts like basket making, cane and bamboo works, brass works etc. Making of necklaces, wristbands, garter with beads make one gasp with wonder and pleasure

The Konyaks celebrate mainly two festivals, namely “Aolingmonyu” and “Laolongmo” besides the Christmas, New Year etc. The Aolingmonyu is celebrated in the spring season after the sowing of seeds in the month of April. The festival is celebrated from 1st to 6th April in order to seek blessings from God “Yongwan” to have good harvest for the year.

The Laolongmo is celebrated in the month of August after the harvest is over.


(A)               AOLINGMONYU is the main festival of the Konyaks. It is celebrated every year in the spring season i.e. after the sowing of seeds. The festival lasts from 1st to 6th April. This festival is celebrated to ask for blessings from God “Yongwan” for a bumper harvest for the year. Young and old in traditional dresses and headgears decorated with feathers and wild boar tusks, accompanied with log drums chant folk songs and have a merry time with great feasting.

(B)               LAOLONGMO is another important festival of the Konyaks, which is celebrated in the month of August after the harvest is over.


There are a number of high peaks in the Mon District. Shawot is the highest peak with an altitude of 2414 metres above sea level. Other peaks are:

           Tamkong                                             2000 metres

          Monyakshu                                           1850 metres

Ngupdang                                            1554 metres

Chikho                                                1500 metres

          Longwa (Internaltional Trade Centre)        1500 metres

          Chiknyuho                                            1500 metres


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