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The Konyaks can be grouped into two groups, namely “Thendu”, which means the “Tattooed Face” and “Thentho”, meaning the “White face”. The former inhabit the lower region of the district and the people tattoo their whole face. Powerful “Anghs” (Chiefs) rule respective villages. While the latter are the settlers of the upper region of the district (Tobu area). This group tattoos only their forehead and chin.


The population of the Mon District is 2,59,604 according to the Provisional Census 2001. Of this, the male population is 1,38,005 and female population is 1,21,599. The density of population is 145 Sq.km. with the decennial growth of population (1991-2001) at 73.42 per cent (Provisional Census 2001). The sex ratio is 881:1000 i.e. 881 females per 1000 males.


The literacy rate in the District is 42.25 per cent. Of this, the male literacy is 46.70 per cent and the female is 37.12 per cent.


Contact Address :
Ministry of Communication & Information Technology

Department of Information Technology
National Informatics Centre, Mon District Centre
Office of the Deputy Commissioner
Mon – 798621, Nagaland.

Phone: (03869)-221302 (NIC) -221264 (D.C.), Fax: (03869)-221246 (DC)
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