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The Dikhu is the most important river in the district. It flows through the Mon district, flows past Naginimora and later joins the Brahmaputra river in Assam. There are some minor streams, rivulets and rills all over the district and many of them dry up during lean season but roar in monsoon.

Other important rivers of the Mon District are Yamon, Yityong, Kaimang, Tesang, Maksha, Tapi, Tizit, Teyap, Tekang, Jein, Teggie, Telem, Pongma and Tehok, which provide good fishing grounds, picnic spots and rafting and has a number of fish species like trout etc.











Contact Address :
Ministry of Communication & Information Technology

Department of Information Technology
National Informatics Centre, Mon District Centre
Office of the Deputy Commissioner
Mon – 798621, Nagaland.

Phone: (03869)-221302 (NIC) -221264 (D.C.), Fax: (03869)-221246 (DC)
E-mail: nagmon@nic.in