Mon Health Bot

Mon Health bot is a Whatsapp platform based bot. It is part of a series of technological intervention taken by Mon District Task Force to provide an additional medium to address any queries/ doubts of people along with providing the Front Line Workers the ease to monitor the patients through whatsapp.

                The Mon Health Bot provides the user the option to know details about testing and vaccination. User can also self report any COVID related symptoms by filling a self triage. The bot also gives the option of contacting the doctor or front line worker for any query. The frontline workers can also enter the details of a patient on this bot and then can monitor the progress of symptoms of the patient.

                At present the bot interacts in English language only. However there is a plan to include Hindi, Nagamese and local language, Konyak in the list.  The bot also has the flexibility to incorporate any change swiftly.

                The Mon Health Bot has been developed in association with Swasth Application which is a non profit organisation.