Mon District : 

In 2011, Mon had population of 250,260 of which male and female were 131,753 and 118,507 respectively. In 2001 census, Mon had a population of 138,753 of which males were 121,899 and remaining 260,652 were females. Mon District population constituted 12.65 percent of total Maharashtra population. In 2001 census, this figure for Mon District was at 13.25 percent of Maharashtra population.

There was change of 80.36 percent in the population compared to population as per 2001. In the previous census of India 2001, Mon District recorded increase of 74.12 percent to its population compared to 1991.

Demographic Label Value
Area 1786 Sq Km
Actual Population 250,260
Male 131,753
Female 118,507
Density/km2 140
Proportion to Nagaland Population 12.65%
Sex Ratio (Per 1000) 899
No. of Town Council 5
No. of Census 14
No. of Villages 131