Department Of Forest, Mon


The Mon District presents picturesque scenes with lusty rich green forest, which provides a natural habitat to different species of flora and fauna. Some of the forests in Mon are Shingphan forest, Wanching forest, Tiru forest, Zangkhum forest, Shawot and Chen forests, Yei, Monyakshu, Pessao, Yongkao and Tobu forests. These forests are rich in timber.

The Mon District is rich in flora and fauna. The rare Blue Vanda, White Orchids, Foxtail, Wild Lilies, Maples etc. are found in the mountainous region of the District. There are varieties of medicinal herbs, edible plants, shrubs, and plants etc., which are of great botanical value.

Elephant, Tigers, Spotted Leopards, Jungle Cats, Mithuns, Hornbills, Partridge fowls, the rare Tragopan, Barking Deer, Mountain Goats, Wild Boars, Bears are found in the forest of the Mon District.