The main occupation of the people of this district is agriculture with nearly 90 per cent of the work force engaged in it. The economic condition of the people lags behind when compared to the living conditions of the people of other districts in Nagaland. As it is located in the remotest part of Nagaland, its economic development has not been satisfactory. Mon has great potentialities for economic development if her forest resources, human resources, water resources etc. can be re-generated. Due to ignorance, lack of capital, scientific and technical know-how, infrastructure inadequacies, the Mon District has failed to lift her up to the level of other districts. The recent trend in the District is tea-cultivation by the local people. The gentle slopes of Mon provide ample scope for developing the Mon District for the cultivation with all modern techniques. Though the Government has provided funds but the local people fail to channelize the funds for economic growth and development. If the central agencies like the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) can establish demonstration farms to teach the villagers about the modern farming, inclination towards cash crops and horticulture, rearing of orchids by scientific means can offer ample opportunities to the people of the Mon District for regenerating employment opportunities and for economic development in the District.